Notable Cities and Communities of the Lan Na Kingdom

Wiang Ched Rin

Aerial photo of Wiang Ched Rin ancient city
The shape of Wiang Ched Rin is that of a ring, about 900 meters in diameter. It is situated on the foothills between the two streams of Huay Kaeo and Huay Chang Khian, north-west of Chiang Mai. Moats and primary and secondary earthen walls surround the city. From what we can now see from their partial appearance, the walls appear to zigzag.

According to Chiang Mai chronicles, Prince Yi Kumkam, with the assistance of Sukhothai forces, led his troops to attack Chiang Mai, but was defeated. The Sukhothai troops, led by Phra Chao Sai Luthai, retreated and were stationed at the foothills of Doi Ched Rin. There Phra Chao Sai Luthai bathed at Doi Phalad Luang, and changed his mind about fighting, and led his troops back to Sukhothai. With the streams as a symbol, King Sam Fangkaen built a city in 1402 named Wiang Ched Rin, which means that the city has seven natural water sources to bring the water from Huay Kaeo stream to provide water for the residents.

Wiang Ched Rin is mentioned three times in Lan Na history. The first time was when Prince Lok led his troops to seize Chiang Mai from his father, King Sam Fangkaen in 1409. The second mention is in the reign of Queen Chiraprabha in 1545 1546 when Phya Borom Trai Chak of Ayudhya led his troops to Chiang Mai and took a bath at Ched Rin. The third time the city is mentioned is during the reign of Prince Kawila in 1294 when a ceremony was performed to expel misfortune for Prince Maha Buddhavamsa Bhumipala at Ched Rin.

Presently, the area of the city of Wiang Ched Rin is now occupied by the Huay Kaeo Arboretum, the Thai-Danish Dairy Farm, and the Rajamangala Institute of Technology, Chiang Mai University campus, in the sub-district of Suthep, the district of the city of Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai province. A road cuts through the ancient city to the monastery of Phra That Doi Suthep.

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