Notable Cities and Communities of the Lan Na Kingdom

Wiang Suan Dok

Conditions of Wiang Suan Dok earthen mound currently encroached by the public for personal purposes
Wiang Suan Dok is an ancient community. The square shaped city was enclosed by earthen walls, and is about 570 meters wide on each side. It is situated in the west of the present-day city of Chiang Mai, and at the centre of the ancient city is Wat Suan Dok.

According to Lan Na chronicles, the city had previously been a Lua city, with the name of Nava Rattha. That city became bankrupt, and later a new city called Jetthaburi was established in the same place. However, enemies attacked the city, and the Lua abandoned it. Several years later, another city was established on the old site, called Wiang Suan Dok.

In the reign of King Kue Na, the monarch invited the venerable Sumana Thera from Sukhothai to teach the Buddhism of the Sinhalese School in Chiang Mai, and built Wat Suan Dok for him. During the reign of Queen Chiraprabha, when a noble of Yong Huay City led his troops to attack Chiang Mai, he stationed his men at Wiang Suan Dok and burned the resistant force in the Wiang. Centuries later, during Prince Kawila’s reign, Wat Suan Dok was restored along with many other monasteries.

At present, Wiang Suan Dok is located at Ban Suan Dok, in the sub-district of Suthep, the district of Chiang Mai, in the province of Chiang Mai. It has become a large community and commercial area, with many commercial buildings, residences and offices. Most of the old city walls have been destroyed, but some parts can still be seen today. For instance, the northern city wall can be seen at the Faculties of Pharmacy and Dentistry, Chiang Mai University, and some parts of the southern walls are still in good condition. The earthen ramparts are about six meters thick and ten meters high.

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